What is this page all about?

Our website uses work that has been authored by people besides ourselves. We want to acknowledge those people, and only use their work if they allow us to.

How do you credit authors?

Where possible, we have credited the authors of any unoriginal works on our website where the work is used by placing their name on or by the work. We have either received permission, or have made reasonable efforts to request the permission to use the work.

What if I do not like the way you used my work?

If there is anything on our website that you own and for any reason you feel it has been used or credited improperly, please contact us. We will be happy to take it down or make other arrangements with you.

What if I want to know who authored some work on your website?

If you do not notice credit for a work on our website and would like to know who authored it, please contact us.


Our website has used one or more works from each of the following people or organizations: